Welcome to the Blog.

Welcome to the Blog.

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Yes this is the first blog post ive ever created at the store.

Where does the store come from?-The store opened on July 2020 right after that unfortunate thing happened in the world and changed our lives. I took that as an opportunity to start working on what I love, and try to make a living out of art and that's how everything started in my room. with a few blank tees, a heat press, and some supplies from amazon, I managed to develop a system where I could offer a lot of designs without the need of having a big stock.

And... it worked, suddenly I was making enough money to pay my bills and live out of it, but the work never stopped coming. As a 19 yo student living by myself, I faced many problems, learning about marketing, content creation, apparel design, accounting, and many other things that made me grow as an entrepreneur but that at the time seemed like impossible tasks for me.

The store has gone through many phases in the past 2 years, I've been trying new stuff always looking to improve the quality of the products and the way the store works, on this time I've come to many improvements, the packaging of the products and the orders have improved by a lot, this is now the 7th or 8th version of the website, I've been reducing shipping costs little by little to the point where I can now offer super low and fast shipping to Us and CA and reasonable International shipping and products are slowly becoming better on quality and design.

These last 2 years have been full of challenges, fear, hard work, and many other things but those challenges also came with learning, improvement, and experiences that made me become a better artist and entrepreneur now.

I'll keep doing my best to offer you some good quality shit for a long time folks, thanks for supporting this project